Pet Visits


To The Rescue

No matter whether you’re in need of a Pet Sitting for a few hours, the entire day, or an extended period of time, Petcheck is always here to help. Our Pet Visit services are a huge hit with both the pets we work with and their owners. Take a look at the Precise calendar to see our Pet Visit availability and book your time slots today. $20 covers 1-2 dogs per visit. $5 per additional dog. 

Worry-Free Vacations

An overnight stay is having a Petcheck staff member stay at your house, rather than dropping in every so often. Overnights are ideal for dogs that have issues with anxiety, dogs with special needs, and puppies!


The goal for our staff when staying at a home, is to keep the routine of the dog as normal as
possible. This will ensure maximum comfort for the pet, and peace of mind for the owner.​

Dog Walking


Your Pet’s in Good Hands

A Dog Walking session with Petcheck is just what your pet needs to keep them busy and well taken care of while you’re away. We know it can be a difficult experience leaving a pet under the responsibility of someone else. But we have the background, calm demeanor, and practical know-how to help you rest assured that your cuddly creature is in great hands.

Check-In from Staff

Where we are

Geo-tagging and checking-in offer a way for our clients to know  when our staff arrives at their home. It offers peace-of-mind that we are doing what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. Rest assured, our Team-centric approach will allow for guaranteed visits for your pets.

In-Home Cameras Available

Monitor your pets care

We know that having someone in your home can be a little strange. Petcheck offers webcams that can be set up in your home so that you can monitor the interaction between Petcheck staff and your pets. Also, you can monitor your pets while you are away. Just another way for Petcheck to provide service and transparency for our clients.

Overnight Stays


Precision Scheduling

Precise Petcare Software

Having the ability to quickly and accurately schedule service, modify times, change information, pay your bill and track your services offers you peace of mind. This software allows Petcheck staff to share information, pictures and schedules with clients. Clients can also track when staff checks in and checks out.


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